from by The Blk Cinema



Death by Boredom
My Autobiography
Lyrically I’m not suppose to let these things
Bother me
But I’m a man
With so much more inside of me
It wouldn’t bother me if you would
Just say hi to me
Everything I’ve done
I should’ve been proud of me
But everybody judges
Thoughts are getting cloudy
I should’ve been there
Along time ago
I wasn’t able to
Addicted to my ego
I played myself
Everybody hates me
If I was was in trouble
Who would really save me
That’s why I’m so damn angry
Everybody wants me but they
Just want to change me
And I’m back on my bullshit
Talkin bout guns
When I’m the one with the full clip
Charles Bronson
We all got a Death Wish
Wish upon stars so they can be like ours
I’m starting to doubt me
Or maybe God just don’t really care about me
It’s starting to get cloudy
Can’t push up
I feel like I’m drowning
If my soul is a vehicle
Why I fill on empty
If you really want me
You should come and get me
The flow is YouTube
You can see it in the thumbnail
The Internet is everywhere
Forget about your record sales
Let me remind you
You can’t see me
It was me that blinded you
Imagine me off the grey goose
They want us high and drunk
Still wearing our slave suits
Old school
Still treat us like prostitutes
Our lives in danger
They only want to stop and shoot


from The Blk Cinema, released April 1, 2020


all rights reserved



The Blk Cinema Chicago, Illinois

Who is Blk Cinema ?
Blk Cinema is a Hip Hop Duo who came together to make incredible music. The duo consists of Emcee/Writer
Kelvy, and Emcee/Producer/DJ Lenny Virgo.

Finally linked up to work on the first Kelvy EP, but the connection and the music and ideas came together
so fast that instead of a solo EP from Kelvy, turned into the first project of the duo they formed "Blk Cinema”
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