Oh Shit

from by The Blk Cinema



There a thin line between love and hate
A thin line between good and great
A thin line between real and fake
Its levels to the shit like a wedding cake
Battle Royale
Never been humble
Fighting my Ali
Rumble young man Rumble
Welcome to the Jungle
Can u survive here?
The animals are deadly
And they can smell fear
I fill like Dante
I ain't suppose to be here
Fly like hover crafts
Landing on space gears
Realities a beast, and you need to
Feed it more
Cause it won't be no more survivers
Under water adventures with
Deep sea divers
Let's take it back to when niggas
Knew how to Rap
With no strings attached
For these new puppets
I fill like the Game
You gon hate it or Love it
I should change my rap name to
Oh Shit
Cause every time I rhyme
Niggas be like oh shit
and that should be it.


break bread
at the same time
on the block
punch a clock
its the same grind
anybody tell you different
they lying
green money be the same as mine
glorify the street life
aint shit sweet
buying j's now
dead next week
get your money homie
cant knock that
all i saying theres a price attached
everybody got stacks
everybody need scratch
anybody got a reason to rob you for that
keep your stuntin to a minimum
dont compete with them
loud mouth bragging
mighty week of dem


from The Blk Cinema, released April 1, 2020


all rights reserved



The Blk Cinema Chicago, Illinois

Who is Blk Cinema ?
Blk Cinema is a Hip Hop Duo who came together to make incredible music. The duo consists of Emcee/Writer
Kelvy, and Emcee/Producer/DJ Lenny Virgo.

Finally linked up to work on the first Kelvy EP, but the connection and the music and ideas came together
so fast that instead of a solo EP from Kelvy, turned into the first project of the duo they formed "Blk Cinema”
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