Cheeze Gritz

from by The Blk Cinema



Wake up in the morning
Mama cooking cheese grits
Hand on the pump if you
Think you gon survive this
Young new god
Can’t complain bro
What’s up with you?
You shouldn’t live safe if I’m
Living uncomfortable
I’m so original
No carbon copy
Bob Marley meets
Halle Selassie
Will Smith
I’m the new Fresh Prince
And don’t give a shit about my
Disheveled appearance
I don’t care if you Dope
All I hear is wack shit
On some rap shit
Fucked on a dirty mattress
I used to bang on ya favorite actress
Now she hates me and turned
To a pissed off activist
When I step out side
No one is safe
They cry me a river
Justin Timberlake
I do cry a lot
Ain’t really no hate in
Cause like Mary Mary
You can see the God in me
I feel like I’m in a psychedelic odyssey
Pardon me
My mobb deep
Like prodigy
Momma please forgive me
I don’t think I’m living right
Cause I’m so down I don’t know
I live the high life
I rhyme right
I gotta get my mind right
Welcome to McDonald’s
Can I help you with your past life
can I get some fries
And a milkshake
Things always fall apart
That’s what ya momma say
Be in Africa
They yell
Kelvin Bombaye
Then tell Ice T
To ricochet


from The Blk Cinema, released April 1, 2020


all rights reserved



The Blk Cinema Chicago, Illinois

Who is Blk Cinema ?
Blk Cinema is a Hip Hop Duo who came together to make incredible music. The duo consists of Emcee/Writer
Kelvy, and Emcee/Producer/DJ Lenny Virgo.

Finally linked up to work on the first Kelvy EP, but the connection and the music and ideas came together
so fast that instead of a solo EP from Kelvy, turned into the first project of the duo they formed "Blk Cinema”
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